Wall Stickers / Decals

In his long evolutionary history, man has scored few lasting successes than the improvement of his living quarters. From the early cave paintings to modern day architecture and art, man has always developed and applied some technique to improve the outlook of his shelter-garnishing them with objects of art, color and beauty. No matter the location or stage in the evolutionary process, the human race has embraced interior design to improvehis living space. Even with today's fast paced times, complex structures and economically tight budgets, the desire to enhance our living spaces still lingers; and present day technology has enabled us to go a step further in using printed materials in form of wall stickers.

Sometimes also known as wall decals or simply wallies, wall stickers are actually graphic representations printed on vinyl. They are a type and perfect choice of home decor used as wall art in various rooms in the house, and all you have to do is peel the backing to reveal an adhesive that will adhere to walls easily. You can then apply it anywhere in adding colorful effects to your bathroom, revamping the kitchen look, creating moods in the bedroom, and even decorating furniture. Your children can have their favorite cartoon characters or Disney icons adorning their rooms and walls. A whole room can be revamped in a very short period of time, and cheaply too without the purchase of paints, sprays or wall paper.In addition,they give the appearance of paint colors to avoid a cheap appearance.Vinyl is the material of choice for most wall stickers because they can easily be printed on and it holds color well. It is also very long lasting due to its hardy nature-Vinyl used in wall stickers does not succumb easily to heat and will instead stick better and faster to the wall when subjected to heat.

Our choices are unlimited when it comes to decorating with vinyl wall decals. We can thank those artisans that conceived the idea, and made it come to life. To know their story however, we must go back to the 18th century. They were quite common in pottery designs then-it was in the 20th century however that stickers began to be used in truly industrial quantities especially with the advent of the automotive and aircraft industries.This saw the extensive use of decals to decorate vehicles or make them identifiable. The shift from car decals to home wall stickers happened thereafter and for two reasons: firstly, street artists began to use stickers as stencils, therefore it simply became only a matter of time before other designers took up this art form for use in interiors, secondly technological advances meant that vinyl would become an ideal material for the production of wall stickers due to its easy applicability and future removal when necessary. This easy removability made vinyl one of the design success stories of modern times, and for the past years has been instrumental in the boom of wall stickers, decals or whatever you may prefer to call them.

Apart from their plain look, these wall tattoos have remarkably advanced to be used as readable messages, catchy lines and amazing patterns. They are also produced in many sizes and complexities. You can have the big ones (100cm by 100 cm), average ones (from 30 cm x 50 cm - 60 cm x 100 cm) or the custom made sizes. The big wall stickers are what you would normally use to cover expansive area of the wall, and these come in more than one sheet. The medium ones cover huge parts of the wall too, but normally present some additional written messages or some graphic representation in the background design. In this case they are referred to as expression decals. The smaller stickers are just small pictures of symbols, images, or printed labels to be used to label furniture and laptops for example. With all these choices, you can accommodate your preferred style with the variety of wall stickers on the market today.

Your choices are really limitless with wall stickers; the variations in color, differences in size, the customization options available-and much as expert designers have been using them in decoration, branding and advertising, you won't need that degree in interior design to transform your ordinary room into an art lover's lair!



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